19 Oct 2016

Humanistic Ceremony

Ceremony Alchemy
Magically Inspired Wedding Ceremonies


Good evening, and welcome to the ceremony to unite ___ and ___ in marriage. We gather here today to celebrate their union, and to honor their commitment to not just gazing at one another, but to looking outward together in the same direction. Today _____ and _____ proclaim their love to the world, and we rejoice with and for them.
In marriage, we give ourselves freely and generously into the hands of the one we love, and in doing so, each of us receives the love and trust of the other as our most precious gift. But even as that gift is shared by two people who are in love, it also touches the friends and family members who in various ways support and contribute to the relationship. All of you are _____ and _____’s community, and each of you has played some part in bringing them to this moment. This is why gathering as a community is such an important part of a wedding ceremony. Because _____ and _____ are now taking a new form as a married couple, and in this form, they become part of their community in a new way.
_____, repeat after me:
I _____ take you _____ to be my wife / I promise above all else to live in truth with you/ and to communicate fully and fearlessly/ I give you my hand and my heart /as a sanctuary of warmth and peace/ and pledge my love, devotion, faith and honor as I join my life to yours.
_____, take _____’s ring and put it on her finger, and repeat after me:
Just as this circle is without end, my love for you is eternal/ Just as it is made of indestructible substance/ my commitment to you will never fail/ With this ring I take you to be my trusted confidante and partner for life.
_____ and _____, although I’m officiating here today,it is not truly in my power to sanctify, legitimize or bless your relationship in any way, because the two of you have already done that in your hearts.
By joining hands right now and looking into each other’s eyes, let it be known that you are joined, body and soul in this lifetime, and that this bond is sacred and eternal. It gives me gives me great pleasure to pronounce that you are Husband and Wife/Partners for life.

Sandra Lynch