Chocolate Ceremony- Perfect for Valentine’s Day
02 Nov 2016

Chocolate Ceremony- Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Although I just met _____________  and  ______________  I learned they have a sweet tooth for chocolate. There are few foods which people feel as passionate about and it appears both _____________  and  ______________ share in this passion. In thinking about this and the fact that their wedding is taking place on Valentine’s Day, when the traditional gift is a heart shaped box of chocolates, it seemed only fitting this ceremony be the Chocolate Ceremony.

In ancient times chocolate was reserved for warriors, priests and noblemen– food for the gods. The Aztecs viewed it as something that would confer wisdom and vitality.  Romantic lore commonly describes chocolate as an aphrodisiac. Books have been written and movies made in extolling the admiration of chocolate.

Chocolate is one of the few gifts with which the giver and the receiver can experience full sensory satisfaction, the taste, the smell, the feel, the sound and the visualization of satisfaction when indulged.  Chocolate has its own universal language known to chocolate lovers across the world.  Chocolate’s very presence causes people to smile, mouth waters, eyes gcandylow and hearts beat faster.

The possible flavors and textures of chocolate are endless, which, to the chocolate lover, only serves to add to the excitement. So too, should your relationship be with each other. Your uncharted territory is in the coming years that lie ahead. There you will learn, grow and explore each other fully and more intimately than you ever thought possible.

Do you, ________, choose for your honored and cherished wife/husband, ___________, to live with her/him, to love her/him and to joyously share with her/him all of the richness of life?       I do.

Bringing out and offering a chocolate treat, affirms to all, that you care and appreciate them enough to make them feel good. Since chocolate has been considered the deserving food; it has often been used as a metaphor for life. A simple box of chocolates is the perfect representation of what life is like as a married couple. We all remember the line from Forest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” Well, marriage is just like that. Throughout your lives together you will have sweet times and times you will experience the dark and bittersweet side of life. Chocolate, will nourish not only your body, but your heart and soul. By feeding and nourishing each other with chocolate today, you promise to always be there nourishing each other; body, heart and soul (spirit).

Ring exchange

Let these rings be a sign that the love you share has a present as well as a past, and a blessed future as yet unseen. May the cycles of your lives be shining and precious, as the rings you will now exchange.

_______________Please place the ring on ______________ finger and a chocolate kiss into her palm.

May the rings you received and the kiss your received sweeten this day and all the days to come.  May your love and your life be as sweet as this moment!

_____________________ please kiss!


Provided by Reverend Sandy

Ceremony Alchemy


Sandra Lynch