27 Apr 2017

Officiant Meetings, Don’t be Frustrated!

The first meeting with your officiant can be frustrating, so to make it easy, here is a short list of questions I typically ask during a meeting with a couple. I think these are just some of the things your Officiant might need to know to understand what you are looking for so they can create a meaningful, personalized and special wedding ceremony. It is best to be open, honest and allow your Officiant to get to know you so that the process will be easier.

1.  Have you discussed your ceremony?  The length?  The tone?

2. Tell me how you met.

3.  Are you Religious, Spiritual or non-religious?   What is your religious background?   Is religion important to you?

4.  Regarding religion; Is there anything you defiantly do or don’t want to include in the ceremony?

5.  Describe your perfect Officiant.  Have you experienced problems with an Officiant?

6.  Speaking; are you comfortable speaking in public or do you want to keep it to a minimum?

7.  Writing; do you want to write vows to one another?  If you wish to write your vows but not read them to each other, you can repeat after the Officiant.

8.  Are you interested in any rituals such as sand pouring, roses exchange, wine sharing, candle lighting?

9.  Are you planning to use a runner?  Please note:  these don’t work well on uneven surfaces such as grass or outside.  Save your money and use rose petals instead…besides rose petals are prettier.

10.  Are you including music?  Such as a vocalist or music that will play while I am speaking.  Please note: music and speaking don’t go well together, unless I use a microphone.

11.  Is anyone doing a reading?

12.  Describe your guests and your family.  How many are planning to attend?

13.  Have you worked out the processional and recessional? Will it include formal seating of parents and grandparents?

14.  Describe your relationship – What do you think the key for you to live a long and happy life together will be?

Sandra Lynch


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